My brother, singing Opera in Wales, kickin' ass

A week from now I'll be back in the States. Actually, a week from yesterday.

How time flies.

Tomorrow I head to Cardiff, Wales, UK to see my brother, John Michael Moore, sing Figaro in the Barber of Seville--or, as the stobs say, "Il barbiere di Siviglia".

I always say I'm proud of my brother when he's not in the room.

I guess I'd better share the reviews before I jump the English Channel.

From Cardiff What's On:
John Moore’s Figaro couldn’t have been more engaging.
From Theatre Wales:
Figaro, one of opera’s great fixers with an iconic aria was presented to us, full of fun, with a vigorous dynamic by John Moore, an American baritone with a captivating presence who dexterously took us all with him on this amorous and successfully, climaxing adventure.
I'll deny I wrote any of this in 24 hours.

On a crazy side note, a bunch of people from my home town will also be at the performance, including my 4th-grade teacher. (Mrs. Van for home-town readers.)


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Chris Van Oort said...

You two never cease to amaze; sitting here in Iowa, typing this, I find it hard to believe what greatness has come from boji.
By the way, we read one of your papers in Rhetoric the other day