Dump Evite

This article from the January Wired got me started:

An email arrives announcing a fete, but it's short on deets. You're forced to click to an ad-choked Web page, then another to RSVP, and then back to the first to see the info again. That faint sound you hear? It's coins tumbling into the pockets of media conglomerate IAC/InterActiveCorp, which acquired the site in 2003.

It's been 2 days since I read the article and I've received 4 evites. It's time to put a stop to this.

The article recommends Socializer as an alternative, but it's way too heavy for my taste. The sign-up experience is overly complex and account management is a pain.

What I want:

  • Painless sign-up
  • Time and location details in the email
  • +1 if it includes a link to a map
  • +1 if the map link is to Google Maps
  • +1 if a calendar file is attached for us Gmail/Outlook users.
  • Super-clean user experience.


Invitastic nails it. There are no crazy custom themes or anything and I'm fine with that. Kudos to the Jackson Fish Market folks.

They even include the host's email address as the sender of the the invitation. You can reply directly to a human being. Brilliant!


Goovite also looks promising. It includes the ability to offer a set of possible meeting times and allow a discussion about when to have the party. Cool.

You should also check out this list of alternatives from another annoyed user.

Let's encourage Evite to evolve--or go the way of Altavista.



Happy Darwin Day

February 12, 1809. Two great men were born--okay, two babies were born that would become great men: Abraham Lincoln and Charles Darwin.

Evolution is Life Changing

I got the heads-up from RichardDawkins.net.

Check out the "official" web site. (No clue who decides what's official--probably the first guy to buy the domain.)

Mr. Dawkins has posted some e-cards for the occasion here.

My favorites:

moral culture 


Obama: Victory Speech in Madison, WI

Now we carry our message to farms and factories across this state, and to the cities and small towns of Ohio, to the open plains deep in the heart of Texas, and all the way to Democratic National Convention in Denver; it’s the same message we had when we were up, and when were down; that out of many, we are one; that our destiny will not be written for us, but by us; and that we can cast off our doubts and fears and cynicism because our dream will not be deferred; our future will not be denied; and our time for change has come.

[Full text of speech] [YouTube Video]


One more: "Yes We Can" Obama Video (and an amazing spoof)

An inspiring video by will.i.am of the Black Eyed Peas.

[Original Location]

And, a spin-off for our friend John McCain: John.He.Is

Barack Obama Speech on Faith - Text and Video

...I am hopeful that we can bridge the gaps that exist and overcome the prejudices each of us bring to this debate. And I have faith that millions of believing Americans want that to happen. No matter how religious they may or may not be, people are tired of seeing faith used as a tool of attack. They don't want faith used to belittle or to divide. They're tired of hearing folks deliver more screed than sermon. Because in the end, that's not how they think about faith in their own lives.

Read the full text of the speech here. Read it a few times. Amazing.

Watch the videos (a bit messed up in a few spots, but okay):

Iowa Electronic Market: Looking good for Obama and the Dems

Here's a description of the market.

Click for current graph...

As of 7:45PM PST today, Obama has is running at a 73% chance of getting the nomination and the Dems have a 62% chance of winning the White House.

This is when I love democracy...or at least where hope dares tilt towards optimism.

Obama: Skinny, but Tough

This shows the brilliance and grace of this man. Wow. Laughing and smiling.

[Original video]


My family is entertaining

Email from my mother to her sons on Saturday morning:

Hello and Good Morning Brian, Kevin and John...
I have survived the week and it's Saturday ...the temperatures are and the is almost shining in Milford...
The ground hog saw his shadow ...so hunker down for 6 more weeks of winter...
Have a great weekend...Looking forward to each of you
Sending my Mom

Reply from Brian:

Since I am closest, do I get to administer the beating?

No, we don't beat our mother. We just threaten her with beatings.

My kind of vandalism: Stop Sign Stickers

I can't say I've seen many hippie stop sign stickers, so I'm not too interested in that angle.

But "Hammer Time!" and "Collaborate and Listen"--brilliant!


The only other one I can think of is "In the Name of Love".