Quote of the day: What changes your mind?

When thinking changes your mind, that’s philosophy.
When God changes your mind, that’s faith.
When facts change your mind, that’s science.

John Brockman, founder of the nonprofit Edge Foundation, Inc.


Athletic shorts, Man porn, CatalogChoice.org

Rewind four years. I wanted to buy some athletic shorts for the gym. Simple right?

I happened to be shopping on Amazon for other stuff so I figured, "Why not look?"

Amazon did happen to have some nice, modest athletic shorts. They weren't being sold directly by Amazon, but by through a company I had never heard of: Under Gear.


I put in my order and waited patiently.

The shipment was a bit of a surprise. The shorts were fine, but the Under Gear catalog they included--hmm--how to say this.

It's like a Victoria Secrets for guys.

Guys with no body hair.

Guys who like fishnet.

I mean, if you're into that sort of thing, fine.

Not really my cup-o-tea.

Anyway, they've followed me since. I figured moving would eliminate this "surprise" in the mail every three months.


So recently, someone in my condo mentioned CatalogChoice.org in our little discussion group.

From their about page:

Catalog Choice is a free service that allows you to decide what gets in your mailbox. Use it to reduce your mailbox clutter, while helping save natural resources.

I've kept the page open in Firefox, but didn't jump on it.

My mail today gave me an excuse.

I also happened to get a 1-800-Flowers catalog, too. No doubt the result of remembering my mother's birthday.

Well as of five minutes ago, both of these fine companies have been politely asked to save a tree or two.

Crazy what inspires one to be environmentally conscious.

Oh, and if you want to buy a "collarless gauze shirt" or an "enhancement bikini", let me know.

I got the store for you.


My Brother, Opera Singer, in the New York Times

John Michael Moore

My brother John made his premiere in The Barber of Seville at the Met Opera, in New York.

From the review in the New York Times:

Jennifer Check (Berta) and John Michael Moore (Fiorello) were both first rate.

Not too bad for a first roll, huh? Next month I get to see him on stage--can't wait.

As I said before, you can hear him here.

As an aside, I coded some cool features in the NY Times Reader.

They never wrote about me though.



Sound's Presidential, Doesn't He?

Obama's Iowa Victory Speech

In other news, Huckabee takes first for the Republicans. Keep in up kids. Please, keep in up.