Kevin's Seattle Voter Cheat Sheet

The Stranger does it. The Municipal League does it.

Why not me?

I go in order for folks in Seattle. Hope this helps. Would love your thoughts.

Initiative 960

Stranger says no. Muni League says no.

Tim Eyman is a jerk.

Kevin says no.

Initiative 67

Stranger says yes. Sounds good to me.

Kevin says yes.

SJR 8206, 8212

Stranger says no. I buy their argument.

Kevin says no.

HJR 4204, 4215

Stranger says yes. I buy their argument.

Kevin says yes.

Initiative 25

Stranger says no. MuniLeague says no.

Kevin says no.

King County Proposition 1 (Medic One)

Stranger says yes. I buy their argument.

Kevin says yes.

King County Prosecuting Attorney

MuniLeauge gives both candidates 'outstanding'. Stranger likes Sherman (the Dem). (Not that I like Dems, just that I don't like Republicans.)

Kevin says Sherman.

King County Assessor

MuniLeague gives Scott Noble 'outstanding' and James Nobels 'adequate'. Stranger likes Scott.

Kevin says Scott.

Port of Seattle Commissioner Position #2

MuniLeague gives Gael 'outstanding'. Stranger likes Gael.

Kevin says Gael.

Port of Seattle Commissioner Position #5

MuniLeague gives Fisken 'outstanding'. Stranger agrees.

Kevin says Fisken.

Transportation District

This one is a bitch. Stranger doesn't like it. The Sierra Club doesn't like it.

The MuniLeague likes it. FutureWise (a group I support a lot) likes it. Friends of Seattle likes it.

No proposal (especially of this size) is perfect. Given the list of supporters and my love of transit, I'm going for it.

Kevin's says yes to Roads and Transit.

Seattle Council #1

MuniLeague gives Godden and Szwaja both 'good'. Friends of Seattle likes Godden. Stranger likes Godden.

Kevin says Godden.

Seattle Council #3

MuniLeague gives Harrell and Velazquez both 'very good'. Friends of Seattle likes Harrell. Stranger likes Valazquez.

Damn, now I have to think.

Reading through endorsements and web sites, I'm going with Harrell.

Kevin say Harrell.

Seattle Council #7

MuniLeague gives Burgess 'outstanding'. Friends of Seattle likes Burgess. Stranger likes Burgess.

Kevin says Burgess.

Seattle Council #9

Stranger says Clark. Friends of Seattle says Clark. MuniLeague gives Clark 'very good'.

Kevin says Clark.

Seattle City Charter Amendment 17, 18

Stranger says yes on both. Sounds fine.

Kevin says yes.

Seattle School District 1

Pos #1
ML: Maier is outstanding.
Stranger: Maier is cool.

Kevin says Maier.

Pos #2
ML: Carr is outstanding. Flynn as 'very good'.
Stranger: Flynn. Says that Carr "stumbled on our basic questions about high-profile issues like intelligent design and student free speech".

Kevin says Flynn.

Pos #3
ML: Martin-Morris is 'very good'.
Stranger: reluctant endorsement.

Kevin says Martin-Morris.

Pos #6
ML: Ramirez and Sundquist are both 'very good'.
Stranger: Sundquist.

Kevin says Sundquist.


Sean Howell said...

Kevin, glad to see your support for Transit. Also, I was happy you mentioned www.friendsofseattle.org . Keep up the good work. Sean

LMM said...

Bruce Harrell is a great choice- he had a been an advocate for people and I feel his presence will be a good one on the council. I am also impressed with your support for Transit- I am still undecided.

Gent said...

Speaking of Jean Godden, you might want to peruse this article before you vote:

The Paper Noose