With Faith, Ignorance is Bliss

From the LA Times: Religion beat became a test of faith

Fascinating read by a writer who was sucked into a mega-church at a low point in his life, taken through a brain-washing religious weekend, and came out "reborn".

His new-found faith inspired him to push his editors to cover the religion beat for his paper.

Hilarity ensues.

Covering the Catholic child-abuse scandal:

I never imagined Catholic leaders would engage in a widespread practice that protected alleged child molesters and belittled the victims.

Covering Mormon's disowning their non-spiritual family members:

I wondered how faithful Mormons — many of whom rigorously follow other biblical commands such as giving 10% of their income to the church — could miss so badly on one of Jesus' primary lessons?

Covering "healing crusades" meant to con terminally sick people of their money:

Hinn tells his audiences that a generous cash gift to his ministry will be seen by God as a sign of true faith. This has worked well for the televangelist, who lives in an oceanfront mansion in Dana Point, drives luxury cars, flies in private jets and stays in the best hotels.

In the end, a familiar (at least to me) conclusion:

I began to pray with renewed vigor, but it felt like I wasn't connecting to God. I started to feel silly even trying.

Fascinating read.

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