Dems in 2008: My thoughts

I just got done watching the August 19 debate on YouTube.

First, I was going crazy to be able to play the thing in order. YouTube needs to make this easier.

For your sanity: One Two Three Four Five Six Seven Eight

I really can't stand debates. No one answers the questions. The questions are pretty stupid.

What can you get from a debate on video? A feeling for the 'fuzzy' stuff that a lot of people (including myself, to some extent) use to weigh the candidates.

Here's my purely subjective 'fuzzy feeling' about each candidate.

Dennis Kucinich Like some of his ideas, but he comes off like he's trying way too hard. The opposite of presidential. Wasting his time.
Bill Richardson Bumbling. Wasting his time.
Mike Gravel Comes off like an angry old man. Wasting his time.
Christopher Dodd Looks like an aging car salesmen. Not presidential. Wasting his time.
John Edwards Good ideas, but there's something off in his presence. Feels like he's 54 going on 24. Not excited by him.
Joe Biden Presidential. Good presence. Feels like he could do the job. Doesn't really inspire me.
Hillary Clinton Pretty good presence. Feels a bit rehearsed, though. Wonder how inspiring she'll be (beyond the pure Feminists). Worry about her baggage (whether it's deserved or not).
Barack Obama Amazing presence. You wanna like him. Clean delivery, but doesn't feel rehearsed. Could use a bit more polish, but that makes it feel authentic. He's got my vote so far.

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