The Nation on Healthcare vs. Profit

Fascinating write-up. They make an example of a Dr. Prem Reddy, who owns 8 hospitals in California. (Emphasis mine.)

Dr. Reddy--who is, incidentally a high-powered Republican donor--has a principled reason for his piratical practices. "Patients," the Los Angeles Times reports him as saying, "may simply deserve only the amount of care they can afford." He dismisses as "an entitlement mentality" the idea that everyone should be getting the same high-quality healthcare. This is Bush's vaunted principle of "private medicine" at its nastiest: You don't get what you need, only what you can pay for.

Sobering at the least; infuriating at the worst.

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oracio7yq said...

The article is a sensationalistic piece. The statement, "Patients, [Dr. Prem Reddy] said, may simply deserve only the amount of care they can afford," is appalling and goes against all of my beliefs. As a dedicated physician for over 30 years, I have committed my life to patient service and providing the highest quality of care to any and all patients. I believe medical care is a basic human right, and we have an obligation to provide the best possible care in every situation.

Compassionate patient care for all is the foundation of Prime Healthcare Services and its hospitals. In fact, Prime Healthcare Services' hospitals see more uninsured patients and provide more charity care than most other for-profit and not-for-profit hospitals. They have received numerous national awards for outstanding patient care and community service. Prime Healthcare Services and I will continue to serve our communities and stay committed to providing the highest quality of compassionate care to all patients.