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I went to a meeting at work today about the future of the 520 bridge.

While waiting 10 years doesn't sound all that good, I did pick up a brochure I found very entertaining and enlightening. The source:  


I love people who are proactive about these types of issues.

The "Tenets of Traffic Zen" I found quite inspired. My favorite: Merge Gracefully.

All vehicles involved in a merge are ideally traveling the same speed with enough gap to fit each other perfectly. Think of it as teeth in a zipper. If one of the teeth of a zipper stuck out and waited until a few other teeth on the side passed, it would not work. Likewise, you must not stop when merging (unless all others are stopped as well). You must let others in. They need but one car length, and you have plenty to spare. Allowing them in front of you will mean they will not have to be confronted by a less enlightened driver, which could cause you grief you have no control over. Even if the merge happens behind you, you are being selfish, and you would not wish the same upon yourself.

Brilliant. Kudos!

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